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Petroleum is one of the main sources of energy around the world. Transport, technology, manufacturing, defense, research and other facets are directly or indirectly linked with the use of petroleum or its sub-products. It provides fuel for heating and lighting, lubricants for machinery and raw material for a number of manufacturing industries. This is one of the main reasons why Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises has stepped in and flourished in the Petroleum Product Industry.

We commenced the operations for Petro Products in 1995 and have evolved as a major supplier since then. Our reputed organization has built strong relationships with major oil companies, refiners and other chief partners from the Petroleum industry. We are registered as long-term trade partners with key Middle East refiners. Our Petro Products are supplied to international markets like Indian Sub-Continent, Middle East, South East Asia and other Asian countries. We have expanded our footprint globally with storage facility in Fujairah and West Coast of India.

Swiss Singapore’s team has developed strong technical, operational and blending competencies. We blend refinery components into specific blends for power plants and bunker fuel. This, pooled with our detailed understanding of physical flows, allows us to categorize complex technical issues and respond promptly to changing market scenarios. In the Petro Products market, we use our market expertise and logistical efficiency to stabilize the supply and demand. We are active traders in the global market and have traded over 4.5 million tons of Petro products annually.

Swiss Singapore is a fast growing trading company with an efficient team of in-house chartering experts who manage the supply chain. The key to our success lies in our ability to coordinate and interact efficiently within the team to bring customers integrated solutions. We are constantly exploring and gauging opportunities to grow our Petro Products portfolio.

Our Product Range is as follows

Light Distillates

Gasoline: Gasoline, also known as petrol is a clear, petroleum-derived liquid which is commonly used as a fuel in internal combustion engines.

Naphtha: Naphtha is produced from natural gas condensates or petroleum distillates. It is used diversely in different industries.

Middle Distillates

Gas oil/Diesel (10/50/500/5000ppm): Gas Oil, an oily liquid obtained in the fractional distillation of petroleum. It is used as a diesel fuel and heating oil

Jet A1: It is a kerosene grade of fuel suitable for most turbine engine aircraft.

Kerosene: Kerosene is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid widely used as a fuel in industry and households.

SKO fuel:  Superior Kerosene Oil is used in many Industrial applications like heating, cleaning, lighting, cooking, drying, and thinner.

Heavy Distillates

Fuel Oil: Fuel oil is a blend of refinery streams to create boutique blends for power generation and bunker fuel.

FCC Bottom: The feedstock to FCC is usually that portion of the crude oil that has an initial boiling point of 340 °C or higher at atmospheric pressure and an average molecular weight ranging from about 200 to 600 or higher. This portion of crude oil is often referred to as heavy gas oil or vacuum gas oil (HVGO).


Methanol: Methanol is produced chiefly as a derivative of the destructive distillation of wood. It is used as a feedstock for the manufacture of chemicals, and as a fuel for specialized vehicles.

Benzene: Benzene is a natural constituent of crude oil and is mainly used as a catalyst to make other chemicals.

Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB): It is produced from Petroleum feed and used as an intermediate in the production of surfactants and detergent.

Toluene: It is a colourless, water-insoluble liquid and widely used as an industrial feedstock and a solvent.

Hexane: Hexanes are major components of gasoline and are widely used as cheap and safe solvents.

BITUMEN: Also known as Asphalt, it is a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum used for road construction and waterproofing products.


1.Base Oil: Base oil is produced by means of refining crude oil and is used to manufacture products including lubricating greases, motor oil and metal processing fluids.

2.Paraffin wax: It is a white or colourless soft solid derivable from petroleum, coal or oil shale. Common applications for paraffin wax include lubrication, electrical insulation, and candles.



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