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Encompassing an extensive range of industrial sectors, from sourcing of raw materials to the processing of end products, the Minerals and Metals products have been one of the key pillars of Industrial development for countries and societies across the world. Raw materials in form of Minerals and (Semi) Finished Products in form of Metals move in large volumes between different locations. Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises holds a key place in this industry through its global experience, multicultural competence and dedicated technical expertise.

Swiss Singapore is present in the Trading business since 1978 and in the Iron Ore, Steel and Metallic business for more than a decade. Our easy access to the raw materials and intermediates used in the steel manufacturing process make us one of the most preferred partners. Moreover, our close-knit commercial relationships with mine owners, exporters, government agencies, steel mills, importers in China and other geographies, have propelled our steady and rapid growth.

Swiss Singapore customizes its products and services to meet industry needs, while retaining reliable quality and adhering to the time line. Combining our iron ore trading expertise with our steel trading prowess allows us to deliver that added edge to help our customers meet greater efficiency. Our Minerals and Metals vertical currently handles Iron Ore products in form of Sinter Feed, Lumps, Pellets, Concentrates and Mill Scale. While the Steel vertical looks after Long Steel, Flat Steel, Scrap and HBI/DRI.

With an in-house freight desk, large credit lines with the top banks, extensive relationships and local presence in our key markets, we, at Swiss Singapore are focused in providing trading solutions for producers and end-users. Our Minerals and Metals team is spread across different geographies, with strong presence in China, India, Middle East, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Vietnam. Our knowledge and experience in source and supply of these products, coupled with our collaborative approach has magnificently enhanced our clientage.

Our Minerals and Metals Product Portfolio


Mill Scale:

Mill scale is the flaky surface of hot rolled steel, consisting of iron oxides in largest quantity. It adheres to the steel surface and protects it from atmospheric corrosion.


Scrap is a small piece or amount of some metal that is left over after the greater part has been used. Metal industry produces enormous amounts of scrap which can be easily recycled and reused in different industries.

Iron Ore Lumps:

Iron ore is found in the form of rocks, mixed with other elements. By means of various industrial methods, it is processed and then supplied further. Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises is an established trader of ores in different forms. Our extensive stock profile includes Iron Ore Concentrates, Iron Ore Pellets and Iron Ore Lumps.

Iron Ore Pellets:

Iron ore pellets are spheres of typically 6–16 mm (0.24–0.63 in) to be used as raw material for blast furnaces. They typically contain 67%-72% Fe and various added material adjusting the chemical composition and the metallurgic properties of the pellets.


Hot Briquetted Iron:

Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) is a premium form of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI)* that has been compacted in a temperature range. We can organize smooth deliveries as per varied requirements.


Billets are a semi-finished casting product, typically molded into a rectangular, hexagonal or round cross section. Their final products include bars, rods, tubes and wires. We have an efficient sourcing & delivery mechanism in place.

Hot Rolled Steel Coil:

Hot rolled coils/sheets meeting various quality standards & sizes can be made available as per requirement.

Steel Slabs:

A length of metal that is rectangular in cross-section created directly by continuous casting or indirectly by rolling an ingot on a slabbing mill. Customized orders can be handled with ease for the same.


Long Products:

Long products refer to steel products including wire, rod, rail, and bars as well as types of steel structural sections and girders. Our customized section for Long Products consists of Reinforcement Bars, Wire Rods, Angles and Sheet Piles. We have efficient sourcing & delivery mechanism in place.

Flat Products:

Flat steel products are rolled from slabs to form sheets and plates. They are used in a wide range of industries such as Shipbuilding, construction, automobile and domestic appliances. We trade in Cold Rolled Sheets, GI and Tin Plates. We can organize smooth deliveries as per varied requirements.


Plates are flat rolled products from slabs or ingots of greater thickness than sheet. They are used in construction, shipbuilding, and industrial machinery. Our range of plates consists of Structural Plates, Boiler Quality Plates, Penstock and API Grade Reinforcement Bars, Wire Rods, Angles and Sheet Piles. Customized orders can be handled with ease for the same.


Sections and Tubular are generally used for mechanical or load-bearing purposes above-ground by the construction industry, as well as for structural members in ships, trucks, and farm equipment. We provide ERW Pipes; SAW Pipes and Rectangle Sections at economical rates. We have efficient sourcing, deliveries can be made available as per requirement.


Manganese Ore: Manganese Ores contain 25% to 45% of Manganese and are mainly found in metamorphic rocks or sedimentary deposits. It is an important metallic element used in making steel, batteries, alloys and much more. We have efficient sourcing & delivery mechanism in place, varied requirements can be handled.

Chrome  Ore: Chrome Ore is an iron chromium oxide. It is an oxide mineral belonging to the spinel group. Customized orders can be handled with ease for the same.



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